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Definition of To ruffle the feathers of

To ruffle the feathers of
Ruffle Ruf"fle, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Ruffled; p. pr. & vb. n. Ruffling.] [From Ruff a plaited collar, a drum beat, a tumult: cf. OD. ruyffelen to wrinkle.] 1. To make into a ruff; to draw or contract into puckers, plaits, or folds; to wrinkle. 2. To furnish with ruffles; as, to ruffle a shirt. 3. To oughen or disturb the surface of; to make uneven by agitation or commotion. The fantastic revelries . . . that so often ruffled the placid bosom of the Nile. --I. Taylor. She smoothed the ruffled seas. --Dryden. 4. To erect in a ruff, as feathers. [the swan] ruffles her pure cold plume. --Tennyson. 5. (Mil.) To beat with the ruff or ruffle, as a drum. 6. To discompose; to agitate; to disturb. These ruffle the tranquillity of the mind. --Sir W. Hamilton. But, ever after, the small violence done Rankled in him and ruffled all his heart. --Tennyson. 7. To throw into disorder or confusion. Where best He might the ruffled foe infest. --Hudibras. 8. To throw together in a disorderly manner. [R.] I ruffled up falen leaves in heap. --Chapman To ruffle the feathers of, to exite the resentment of; to irritate.

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