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Definition of Record

Record Re*cord", v. i. 1. To reflect; to ponder. [Obs.] Praying all the way, and recording upon the words which he before had read. --Fuller. 2. To sing or repeat a tune. [Obs.] --Shak. Whether the birds or she recorded best. --W. Browne.
Record Re*cord" (r?*k?rd"), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Recorded; p. pr. & vb. n. Recording.] [OE. recorden to repeat, remind, F. recorder, fr. L. recordari to remember; pref. re- re- + cor, cordis, the heart or mind. See Cordial, Heart.] 1. To recall to mind; to recollect; to remember; to meditate. [Obs.] ``I it you record.' --Chaucer. 2. To repeat; to recite; to sing or play. [Obs.] They longed to see the day, to hear the lark Record her hymns, and chant her carols blest. --Fairfax. 3. To preserve the memory of, by committing to writing, to printing, to inscription, or the like; to make note of; to write or enter in a book or on parchment, for the purpose of preserving authentic evidence of; to register; to enroll; as, to record the proceedings of a court; to record historical events. Those things that are recorded of him . . . are written in the chronicles of the kings. --1 Esd. i. 42. To record a deed, mortgage, lease, etc., to have a copy of the same entered in the records of the office designated by law, for the information of the public.
Record Rec"ord (r[e^]k"[~e]rd), n. [OF. recort, record, remembrance, attestation, record. See Record, v. t.] 1. A writing by which some act or event, or a number of acts or events, is recorded; a register; as, a record of the acts of the Hebrew kings; a record of the variations of temperature during a certain time; a family record. 2. Especially: (a) An official contemporaneous writing by which the acts of some public body, or public officer, are recorded; as, a record of city ordinances; the records of the receiver of taxes. (b) An authentic official copy of a document which has been entered in a book, or deposited in the keeping of some officer designated by law. (c) An official contemporaneous memorandum stating the proceedings of a court of justice; a judicial record. (d) The various legal papers used in a case, together with memoranda of the proceedings of the court; as, it is not permissible to allege facts not in the record. 3. Testimony; witness; attestation. John bare record, saying. --John i. 32. 4. That which serves to perpetuate a knowledge of acts or events; a monument; a memorial. 5. That which has been, or might be, recorded; the known facts in the course, progress, or duration of anything, as in the life of a public man; as, a politician with a good or a bad record.

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