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Definition of Palisade cells

Palisade cells
Palisade Pal`i*sade", n. [F. palissade, cf. Sp. palizada, It. palizzata, palizzo, LL. palissata; all fr. L. palus a stake, pale. See Pale a stake.] 1. (Fort.) A strong, long stake, one end of which is set firmly in the ground, and the other is sharpened; also, a fence formed of such stakes set in the ground as a means of defense. 2. Any fence made of pales or sharp stakes. Palisade cells (Bot.), vertically elongated parenchyma cells, such as are seen beneath the epidermis of the upper surface of many leaves. Palisade worm (Zo["o]l.), a nematoid worm (Strongylus armatus), parasitic in the blood vessels of the horse, in which it produces aneurisms, often fatal.

Meaning of Palisade cell from wikipedia

- palisade cells are plant cell s found within the mesophyll in leaves of many plants, right below the upper epidermis and cuticle.
- the primary site of photosynthesis in most leaves (palisade the epidermis tissue includes several differentiated cell types: epidermal
- chloroplasts cannot be made by the plant cell, and must be inherited and the guard cells of stomata . palisade mesophyll cells can contain
- leaf cells, while in bacteria they are embedded in the plasma membrane . light to p**** through to the palisade mesophyll cells where most
- specifically, the presence of a thin or lack of a cuticular layer, reduced number of palisade cells , irregular stomata , less developed
- in plants, it is part of the mesophyll , where it forms a layer next to the palisade cell s in the leaf . the spongy mesophyll's function
- outer epidermis of palisade cells and with a smooth, strongly reflecting surface, short micropylar neck, and extruding, pointed chalazal area
- a palisade is a steel or wooden fence or wall of variable height, usually used as a palisade cell , a type of cell found in plant leaves