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Meadow lark
Meadow Mead"ow, a. Of or pertaining to a meadow; of the nature of a meadow; produced, growing, or living in, a meadow. ``Fat meadow ground.' --Milton. Note: For many names of plants compounded with meadow, see the particular word in the Vocabulary. Meadow beauty. (Bot.) Same as Deergrass. Meadow foxtail (Bot.), a valuable pasture grass (Alopecurus pratensis) resembling timothy, but with softer spikes. Meadow grass (Bot.), a name given to several grasses of the genus Poa, common in meadows, and of great value for nay and for pasture. See Grass. Meadow hay, a coarse grass, or true sedge, growing in uncultivated swamp or river meadow; -- used as fodder or bedding for cattle, packing for ice, etc. [Local, U. S.] Meadow hen. (Zo["o]l.) (a) The American bittern. See Stake-driver. (b) The American coot (Fulica). (c) The clapper rail. Meadow lark (Zo["o]l.), any species of Sturnella, a genus of American birds allied to the starlings. The common species (S. magna) has a yellow breast with a black crescent. Meadow mouse (Zo["o]l.), any mouse of the genus Arvicola, as the common American species A. riparia; -- called also field mouse, and field vole. Meadow mussel (Zo["o]l.), an American ribbed mussel (Modiola plicatula), very abundant in salt marshes. Meadow ore (Min.), bog-iron ore, a kind of limonite. Meadow parsnip. (Bot.) See under Parsnip. Meadow pink. (Bot.) See under Pink. Meadow pipit (Zo["o]l.), a small singing bird of the genus Anthus, as A. pratensis, of Europe. Meadow rue (Bot.), a delicate early plant, of the genus Thalictrum, having compound leaves and numerous white flowers. There are many species. Meadow saffron. (Bot.) See under Saffron. Meadow sage. (Bot.) See under Sage. Meadow saxifrage (Bot.), an umbelliferous plant of Europe (Silaus pratensis), somewhat resembling fennel. Meadow snipe (Zo["o]l.), the common or jack snipe.

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- for other uses, see meadowlark (disambiguation). meadowlarks are new world gr****land birds belonging to the genus sturnella. this genus includes seven
- 156 street is a major arterial road in west edmonton, and east st. albert, alberta, canada. in edmonton, 156 street runs through the old town of jasper
- uss meadowlark (ams-196) was a falcon-cl**** coastal minesweeper acquired by the united states navy for clearing coastal minefields. meadowlark was laid
- the title just seemed to confuse people.'[citation needed] 'strange meadow lark' begins with a piano solo that exhibits no clear time signature, but
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- horn county school district number 4 hyattville s**** emblem otto meadow lark lake national register of historic places listings in big horn county
- by a housing ****ociation. the estate is served by a public house, the meadow lark, as well as a doctor's surgery. a spar minimarket opened in the mid 1980s