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Definition of Converging

Converge Con*verge", v. i. [imp. & p. p. Converged; p. pr. & vb. n. Converging.] [Pref. con- + L. vergere to turn, incline; cf. F. converger. See Verge, v. i.] To tend to one point; to incline and approach nearer together; as, lines converge. The mountains converge into a single ridge. --Jefferson.
Converging Con*ver"ging, a. Tending to one point; approaching each other; convergent; as, converging lines. --Whewell. Converging rays(Opt.), rays of light, which, proceeding from different points of an object, tend toward a single point. Converging series (Math.), a series in which if an indefinitely great number of terms be taken, their sum will become indefinitely near in value to a fixed quantity, which is called the sum of the series; -- opposed to a diverging series.

Meaning of Converging from wikipedia

- digital convergence , the convergence of the information technology, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and entertainment industries
- technological convergence is the tendency for different technological systems to specifically this involves the converging of previously
- when both of the plates are made of oceanic crust, convergence is ****ociated with island arcs such as the solomon islands .
- indistinguishable , any sequence that converges to x must converge to y and vice-versa. sequence appears to be converging to a limit point as
- language convergence is a type of language contact -induced change whereby languages with many bilingual speakers mutually borrow
- for a set of routers to have converged, they must have collected all timers in use. ospf is an example of a fast-converging routing protocol.
- longtype , artist comecon , cover comecon-converging-conspiracies. converging conspiracies is the second album by the swedish death metal
- converging lines is a canadian two-part television do****entary which aired on cbc television in 1977. premise: these programmes profiled the
- converging technologies for improving human performance is a 2002 report commissioned by the u.s. national science foundation and
- a lens is an optical device which transmits and refracts light , converging or diverging the beam . date september 2010 a simple lens