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Definition of Chaffed

Chaff Chaff, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Chaffed; p. pr. & vb. n. Chaffing.] To use light, idle language by way of fun or ridicule; to banter.
Chaff Chaff, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Chaffed; p. pr. & vb. n. Chaffing.] To use light, idle language by way of fun or ridicule; to banter.
Chaff Chaff, v. t. To make fun of; to turn into ridicule by addressing in ironical or bantering language; to quiz. Morgan saw that his master was chaffing him. --Thackeray. A dozen honest fellows . . . chaffed each other about their sweethearts. --C. Kingsley.
Chaff Chaff, n. [AC. ceaf; akin to D. kaf, G. kaff.] 1. The glumes or husks of grains and grasses separated from the seed by threshing and winnowing, etc. So take the corn and leave the chaff behind. --Dryden. Old birds are not caught with caff. --Old Proverb. 2. Anything of a comparatively light and worthless character; the refuse part of anything. The chaff and ruin of the times. --Shak. 3. Straw or hay cut up fine for the food of cattle. By adding chaff to his corn, the horse must take more time to eat it. In this way chaff is very useful. --Ywatt. 4. Light jesting talk; banter; raillery. 5. (Bot.) The scales or bracts on the receptacle, which subtend each flower in the heads of many Composit[ae], as the sunflower. --Gray. Chaff cutter, a machine for cutting, up straw, etc., into ``chaff' for the use of cattle.

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- for other uses, see chaff (disambiguation). not to be confused with bran. chaff (/ˈtʃæf/ or /ˈtʃɑːf/) is the dry, scaly protective casings of the
- splendens (ʻewa hinahina; also called maui chaff flower, round chaff flower, round-leaf chaff flower, or round-leaved chaff flower) is a species of flowering plant
- chaff, originally called window by the british, and düppel by the second world war era german luftwaffe (from the berlin suburb where it was first developed)
- the an/slq-49 chaff buoy decoy system, commonly referred to as 'rubber duck', consists of inflatable radar-reflecting decoy buoys. used by the u.s. navy
- achyranthes atollensis (also called atoll achyranthes or hawaiʻi chaff flower) was a species of plant in the amaranthaceae family. it was endemic to the
- 'gumbo chaff', also spelled 'gombo chaff', is an american song, first performed in the early 1830s. it was part of the repertoire of early blackface performers
- chaff is an algorithm for solving instances of the boolean satisfiability problem in programming. it was designed by researchers at princeton university
- chaff may refer to: chaff, dry, scaly, inedible plant material, especially that surrounding edible grain chaff (countermeasure), a radar countermeasure