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Definition of Burnish

Burnish Bur"nish, v. i. To shine forth; to brighten; to become smooth and glossy, as from swelling or filling out; hence, to grow large. A slender poet must have time to grow, And spread and burnish as his brothers do. --Dryden. My thoughts began to burnish, sprout, and swell. --Herbert.
Burnish Bur"nish, n. The effect of burnishing; gloss; brightness; luster. --Crashaw.
Burnish Bur"nish, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Burnished; p. pr. & vb. n. Burnishing.] [OE. burnischen, burnissen, burnen, OF. burnir, brunir, to make brown, polish, F. brunir, fr. F. brun brown, fr. OHG. br?n; cf. MHG. briunen to make brown, polish. See Brown, a.] To cause to shine; to make smooth and bright; to polish; specifically, to polish by rubbing with something hard and smooth; as, to burnish brass or paper. The frame of burnished steel, that east a glare From far, and seemed to thaw the freezing air. --Dryden. Now the village windows blaze, Burnished by the setting sun. --Cunningham. Burnishing machine, a machine for smoothing and polishing by compression, as in making paper collars.

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- often the whole outer surface of the pot is thus decorated, but in certain ceramic traditions there is 'pattern burnishing' where the
- visually, burnishing smears the texture of a rough surface and makes it shinier. burnishing may occur on any sliding surface if the
- roller burnishing is a method of cold working metal surfaces to induce compressive residual stress es and enhance surface roughness
- burnishing may refer to: burnishing (metal) burnishing (pottery)-
- black-burnished ware is a type of romano-british ceramic . everted-rim jars with burnish ed lattice decoration, bead-rim and plain dishes.
- vessels are often co****, tempered with grit or sand, burnished to a shiny finish and made with a variety of clay s in different areas.
- the burnished-buff tanager (tangara cayana), also known as the rufous-crowned tanager, is a common south america n species of bird in the
- low plasticity burnishing (lpb) is a method of metal improvement that provides deep, stable surface compressive residual stress es with
- a floor burnisher is a type of high-speed rotary floor machine that has a horizontally rotating head which attaches to a large, round
- name neoregelia 'burnished copper' , image , hybrid neoregelia hybrid carolinae × chlorosticta , cultivar 'burnished copper' , origin